At Palo Alto Martial Arts, we strive to help our students achieve a balance between physical ability and the mental aspects of the martial arts. We believe that the combination of these factors is the key to a successful martial artist and a well-rounded individual. Our goal at Palo Alto Martial Arts is not only to create excellent martial artists but also to create excellent people.

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to improve the study of Tae Kwon Do in order to strengthen our mind and body. At our studio, we practice traditional Tae Kwon Do in order to achieve higher goals for our daily life. With great focus toward our achievements, we learn to accomplish our mission to build great confidence in ourselves, to be considerate and humble, to be respectful, and to help others in society.

Confidence – Students will gain confidence through learning how to think positively and developing healthy physique as they learn Taekwondo enabling students to persevere throughout hardships.
Respect – Students will learn etiquette while learning to respect elders through the teachings of Taekwondo further emphasizing values of observation.
Modesty – Students will learn to be considerate of their peer’s feelings while putting others before oneself.
Service – Students will learn about the importance of serving the community and the country at large.

Latest News & Events

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